On Mission

Estrella Baptist Association on Mission

Purpose Driven

We will continue to form partnerships to be “On Mission Church” in making an impact locally and globally for Christ. “On Mission Christians” find a need and mobilize people to get outside the church walls and minister to the hurting and struggling.

Partners on Missions Planting Churches

We will focus on planting new congregations that will reach the hurting to discover a transformation of their lives through Jesus Christ. Whether it is at the truck stop, community center, neighborhood, storefront, we will be there. People of all cultures must be reached. God has given us that responsibility.Every church can help in some way with a new church work by coming together to form a partnership. These partnerships are the greatest tool for the new church to be successful.

Partners on Missions Strengthening Churches and Leadership

We will partner together and assist churches with prayer, resources, and leadership training to better equip their own people for being an “On Mission Christian”. Preparing leaders by challenging, encouraging, and training them will strengthen any struggling church. Leaders need to raise the bar another notch.

Partners on Missions Evangelism and Ministry

We will work together mobilizing a great army of “On Mission Christians” being involved in hands-on ministries in their own church and other churches, challenging their members to partner with other churches to adopt a Mission-Ministry Evangelism project.Estrella Association is committed to focus on these three strategic areas to assist the churches in mobilizing their members to be an “On Mission Church”.