Today was special! Early this morning, I asked God to “Order my steps today,”…And He did! He always does! I love how every single time I ask God to order my steps, my day is gloriously uncertain, yet filled with the thrill of expectancy and the sweetness of His Presence.

When God called me in the midst of 2020 to begin prayer walking my neighborhood, I had no idea all the blessings He would have in store for me! I have met at least 56 different people just here in my neighborhood. I have their names written in my phone and I pray for them almost daily. I also have had the privilege of praying with many of them.


I feel like there is a metaphor, theme, and principle at play when I mention prayer walking. I’m not running! I’m not rushing! I’m walking. And when I walk along the way, God speaks to me; and then God introduces me to beautiful people by His divine appointments!

There is no greater joy in the whole wide world to me then walking with Jesus like this! He places surprises all around us! These divine appointments are just waiting for us, like hidden gems and treasures in the sand. What if I had plunged headlong into my day without asking God to order my steps? I might have missed the sweet blessings!

So, right now, my life involves daily prayer walking. Not running. Not rushing. No agenda—just walking and talking to God, and meeting beautiful people along the way! What a GIFT!!

I could go on and on and tell you beautiful stories of so many precious people I have met since I began prayer walking. The list is long and growing…They are my dear and precious friends! I also know God is opening doors for me to share the Gospel!

I am incredibly grateful for these beautiful, divine appointments that God has blessed me with! These amazing people have blessed me much more than I have ever blessed them!

This prayer walking thing was God’s idea! I’m just glad I said “YES!”

“Our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly MORE than we could ever ask or imagine!” Ephesians 3:20