May is the month that we celebrate Mother’s Day. It is one of those times that we specifically Honor our Mothers. With that in mind let us remember that every Church in the Estrella Baptist Association has a Mother Church. One of the best ways that we can honor the Church that sponsored us is to be active in Estrella Association.

I know that our Church, New Life Baptist Church, would not have made it if the Estrella Baptist Association had not helped. When we have needed financial support, we were assisted in finding ways to get it. When we needed physical support, we could look to Estrella Baptist Association for workers to get the ministry done. Estrella Baptist Association has been there for prayer and other support to build God’s work where we are.

EVERY Church which has been assisted by our association should give to support the association so that new ministries might be started. That is one of the reasons that I personally am a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, because of the cooperation of Churches.

The cooperation of Churches among the Estrella Baptist Association helps to start and grow new ministries in our area. Be involved, pray, give to the Associational ministries and we will be able to reach more for Christ.

I am glad that I have been a part of Estrella Baptist Association for about 29 years and have been blessed by the spiritual guidance and uplifting programs offered to make my ministry easier. If you and your Church are not helping this association, please get involved by doing and giving to this great support team.

Thanks go to Gary and Leslie and also to Twila for all that they do in ministering to us in the association.