I recently had the pleasure of attending the Revive Summit in Tucson and honestly, I was not expecting a whole lot. You see I signed up because I knew that “reviving” is something that our church needs but I was stressed for time and was not sure how giving up 2 days would benefit me or the church. Boy, was I wrong.

My wife and I both went and right away we knew it was what we needed. The worship (singing) was different and you know that usually means not my style. Yet, I was not giving God a chance to minister to me, once I did the music changed and so did I. I learned so much from Joe Crider the worship leader and teacher about how to really worship in a way the brings us close to God.

The preaching was what my soul needed; a true revival of my spirit was achieved. Each message, delivered from multiple men, were encouraging, insightful, toe stomping, and uplifting. You may wonder how they could be all of these at the same time; well, it simply was a God thing.

The break-out sessions were informative and really spoke to my needs to get FCBC fired up and growing. These men have put a lot of effort into delivering the information that is needed to help a struggling ministry.

There was plenty of snacks, water, and coffee to keep me fueled and ready to receive that which God had already lined. The one provided sit down meal was a scrumptious Mexican dinner that could have fed a group twice as big (numbers) not girth.

Thank you NAMB for putting on a great summit and EBA for the scholarship that helped pay for the hotel. This scholarship is what actually got me to attend. I can’t wait to use all that I learned (actually I already have) and for the next Revive Summit to Revive my soul.