The Way Christian Fellowship held their Easter Festival outreach event in April, and it was a great success!  They had their largest crowd (nearly 400 guests) of any event they have ever done, and were able to follow up with many of the guests.  We had an egg hunt, egg painting, crafts, games, bounce houses, food and more for the fun of those who came.

In addition to hosting the event, we had a team of eight volunteers to follow up with guests after the event and set Gospel Appointments.  It’s great to have as many people as possible visit the church campus and meet church members, but the greatest opportunities for evangelism come from one on one conversations.  They try to sit down with as many people as possible as will give us an audience and share Jesus.  One thing they are working on is trying to expand this follow up team further for their next event.  Continue to pray for outreach opportunities.  Specifically, pray for an openness among guests to actually sitting down and hearing the Gospel message.